Premium Soybean (Several Varieties) For Human Consumption

Product Description

Soybean Meal

Origin: USA/South America

Moisture: 12% Max.

Protein: 44% Min

Fiber: 7% Max

Fat Material: 6% Max

Organic Ash: 7.5% Max

Sand and Dust Ash: 1.5% Max

Total Ash: 8.5% Max

Soybeans Grade 2

Origin: USA/South America/Canada/Australia/Sellers Option

Test Weight: 54 lbs / bu

Protein: 35% Min

Moisture: 14% Max.

Foreign Matter: 1% basis; 2% Max

Poisonous seed/husks: None

Oil Content: 18.5% Basis

Splits: 20% Max

Other Color: 2% Max

Damaged Beans: 3% Max


Soybean Seed

• Moisture: From 10-12% accepted at 1:1.Above 12%


• Foreign Matter: From 2-4% accepted at discount of 1:1,

from 4-5% accepted at discount of 1:2. Above 5%

rejected (The term 'foreign matter' would, in-general,

mean anything other than Soy Bean e.g. sand, silica,

pebbles, stalks and other seeds)

• Damaged Seed: From 2-5% accepted at 2:1. Above 5%


• Green Seed: Above 7% rejected

• Free from non-edible seeds such as Mahua, Castor and

Neem and any toxic substances. Should be free from any


foul odour.

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