Flowber Plc is a private company registered and located in Limbe, Cameroon. We are registered under the OHADA laws and can carry out business in over 17 countries in Africa. We act as brokers and a trading company and we deal with agricultural products and energy products such as crude oil, jet fuel etc. In addition, we can act as agents and business partners for companies seeking to do business in Africa especially Central African countries and francophone West Africa.

In addition, we can do contracts especially in the service industry in fields such as logistics, real estate etc. We can accompany foreign companies who want contracts in Africa. Furthermore, we are interested in tourism especially in the construction of hotels, resorts and playing grounds which is and will be big business in Africa.

We are also interested in processing agricultural raw materials into semi finished and finished products.

Please contact us for more information on our products and our services and you will not regret. We are changing business in Africa.